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Kerala Social Centre, a famous cultural Centre situated in the heart of the capital of UAE, has made a significant impact in the Malayali community for the last 48 years and thanks to the contributions of those who have passed before us. I can say with great pride and confidence that our continued accomplishments will certainly have a long-lasting impact in the above-said community. Kerala Social Centre has continuously been involved in solving and helping all and the Centre always have been able to set up an exemplary role model of the society. Most of our members are always volunteering to accomplish the socio-cultural initiatives of the Centre. Their volunteerism and community spirit beyond individual interests or aspirations are our big strength.

I hope that this website will keep us better connected as a community and will help generate interest and enthusiasm to potential members. I take this opportunity to convey my thanks to everybody supporting us.

-V.P. Krishna Kumar


Kerala Social Centre is the Centre of various cultural activities of the Keralites in Abu Dhabi. The Centre's contribution to the field of arts, literature and cultural heritage is valuable. It is a home for all those Keralites who are separated from their homeland and families. Almost for nearly half a century now by the contribution and directive interventions of the Centre and its members, it has been able to grow into a very responsible and well-acclaimed socio –cultural Centre for the Malayali communities. The Centre’s strength and growth are mostly due to the continuous support of its members, well-wishers and the industrial corporate community of the UAE.
Our humble and deep-felt thanks to all those who have contributed and co-operated for the wellbeing of the Centre. We are forever indebted to all those who have encouraged and helped us in our growth. We convey our thanks to all from the bottom of our heart.

-Laina Muhammed

-General Secretary

Abu Dhabi Kerala Social Centre (KSC) is a renowned sociocultural association among Keralite expatriates and made a great impact in the community for the last four decades. KSC promotes unity, arts and culture including social welfare of the community among its members and well-wishers through various accomplishments. I hope, this website will help all the members to be updated with the latest happenings and news of KSC and I take this opportunity to convey my best regards to all those who have provided contributions and supports for the welfare and development of the Centre.

-K.B. Murali

Loka Kerala Sabha